Yoga and Psycho-energetics



I offer you an end-to-end program that allows you to keep or re-awake your taste for life :

  • Yoga courses to keep your physical, energetic, emotional et mind balance.

  • Private consultations during which I combine various technics deriving from rapid therapies such as hypnosis and psycho-energetics, as well as yogatherapy, to help you manage stress, eliminate blocking emotions and beliefs, and reconnect to your self so that you are able to blossom and make your dreams reality !

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Yoga courses

Public: adults & seniors

Yoga type

Therapeutic and traditional Yoga

Pre- and Post Natal Yoga

Yoga for the eyes


Physical attendance or Online

Very small groups

Private lessons

Thematic workshops.

Language : French or English



Private course: 59 € the course

Workshops: the price is defined according to the length.

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Private consultations

Public: adults & children



Personalized to your problematic and state, result focused

Mix of various technics such as: yoga, yogatherapy, hypnosis and psycho-energetics.

Hypnosis and psycho-energetics belong to rapid therapies. They allow to see results within few sessions.

Hypnose Stop Tabac is the more efficient technic to stop smoking. (Success rate: 87% in two sessions).

The proposed therapies do in no case replace medical advice and follow-up.


Stress management

STOP tabac


Chronic pain, Migraines, Enuresis ...

Anguish, Trauma, Lack of confidence ...

Concentration issues, Memory issues, ...

Where and how:  Physical attendance or Online on RDV

Language: French or English


Consultation - duration: 1h30 - 2h00 for the first meeting, 1h30 in average for the next ones : 80 €

Hypnose Stop Tabac : 250 € (global price for the two meetings).


Yoga psychoenergetics hypnosis for adults and children early in the morning evening

"Le Yoga est l’arrêt des fluctuations du mental"



The practice of Yoga allows to recover and maintain physical, energetic, emotional and mental balance.

Physical and Energetic health

The regular practice of yoga allows to maintain physical health, to improve litheness, flexibility and tonicity.

It also leads to better breathing via the reduction of breathing rate and the increase of breathing volume.

Emotional and Spiritual balance

Due to its action on the hormonal system, the practice of yoga encourages relaxation.

It allows to gain a better awareness of one's own body and its limits.

It improves concentration and increases self confidence.

It leads, via the experience of let go, to approach life and tensions with more calm and serenity.

Fini le stress !


Man as a human being

YogaTherapy is a therapy that addresses to man as a human being.

Self recovery forces stimulation

It uses yoga technics and practice to bring back and increase physical and mind balance and vitality, and prana to stimulate one's own self recovery forces.

Rediscovery of one's own true Self

This therapy aims at balance recovery through the rediscovery of our own self. It draws a path towards physical, energetic, emotional, mind and spiritual health.


A natural state

Hypnosis is a natural state we experience several times per day. We are in trance every time we lose conscience of time and space, for instance, in everyday life, when we watch a movie, read a book, drive ...

A modified state of conscience to treat traumas in full safety

While in trance, we hear every thing and perceive every thing that occurs around us. At the same time, we are in a modified state of conscience, a state in which body and spirit dissociate, a state propitious to reification and information processing, a state that allows to treat traumas in full safety.


Emotional release

Psycho-energetics is a generic term that groups various emotional freedom technics that act on energy disturbances generated in the body by traumas and blocked emotions.

Body and mind balance recovery

Psycho-energetics combine Chinese medecine ancestral knowledge on the energetic system with Occidental psychology concepts and practices to recover mind / body balance.

Psycho-energetics technics examples:

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

TEP Traumatic Episode Protocol - EMDR


Nerti® - Tipi®



Yoga professional teacher graduated yogatherapist psychologist hypnotherapist psychoenergetics specialist Toulouse France



Psychologist title


Certificat professionnel FFP (Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle) of Yoga Teacher

Speciality: Yoga for Adults, Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga, Yoga for the children, Yoga for Seniors

Yoga Therapy

Certificat professionnel FFP of Yoga Anti-Stress technics Teacher,

Professional training as Yogatherapy teacher by Swami Locana Sansregret

Hypnosis and Psycho-energetics

Professional Practitioner in Hypnosis with Muriel Belli, Hypnose et Energies®

Speciality: Hypnosis for Adults, Hypnosis for Children, Hypnose STOP tabac

Pratitioner in Psycho-energetics, with Muriel Belli, Hypnose et Energies®

Professional Practitioner MHE -Get thinner with Hypnosis and Psycho-energetics, Muriel Belli, Hypnose et Energies®

Energy and more

"Integrative Radiesthesia" cycle with Agramase

Therapeutic Radiesthesia with Jacques Cornu

Polarizing Energetic Balancing (EEP) with Odile Girardot and Roman Siluck

Teaching and work on myself with Odile Girardot (Agramase)

Dynamique de Transformation Intérieure, niveaux 1, 2 & 3

A.M.E. (Accompagnance en Médiation Émotionnelle)


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